About the Scholarship

The First Generation Scholarship Fund (hereafter referred to as “the Fund”) is a competitive scholarship to support one to two high-achieving, first generation college-bound students in the Park City School District.  Once a student is selected, they will be given up to a  $10,000 scholarship annually for 4 years of college.  Student selection is rigorous and students will need to maintain a high level of academic achievement once enrolled in college.  This scholarship is intended to be a last dollar scholarship – awarded after a student has knowledge of their financial aid package and other financial support.  Scholarship awards will be made directly to the college or university.  The intent of the scholarship is to ensure that paying for college is not a barrier for gifted first generation students to attend and graduate from college or University.

Application Process

Park City High School Scholarship Advisors will advertise the scholarship as part of their community scholarship program.  Students will submit applications to the community scholarship program.  PCEF will identify a Selection Committee which will read the scholarships and make award determination based on a given student’s performance against the Fund’s Selection Criteria, as demonstrated by the application materials. 

Criteria Students Must Meet to be Considered for Scholarship

  • GPA (3.5 or above, unweighted GPA)
  • SAT/ ACT Scores in the 80th percentile of test takers
  • Participation in at least five (5) advanced courses in their four years of high school
  • Track record of Community Service
  • Verifiable financial need (see below)
  • Two or more years as a student at Park City School High School (“PCHS”)
  • A First Generation College Student
  • Acceptance to a 4-year college

Required Application Materials

  • Student contact information.
  • Copy of the student’s Park City High School transcript. Students can email their counselor to obtain a copy of their transcript.
  • Acceptance letter from at least 1, 4-year accredited University or College along with any financial awards associated with that acceptance. 
  • History of Community Service as evidenced by one or more letters of reference from a direct Supervisor or Volunteer Coordinator of a non-PCSD institution that speaks to the student’s contribution to the institution/community and their duration of involvement.
  • Evidence of Financial Need.   Students will need to demonstrate financial need.  While FAFSA is typically used to demonstrate this need, the Selection Committee will consider other forms of verification; such as: tax returns, offers of grants or scholarships from colleges tied to financial need, etc.  
  • Interview with one or more Selection Committee members, if requested by the Selection Committee.
  • Four Letters of Recommendation from:
    • One from a school Principal or Vice-Principal,
    • Two from Core Teachers (Math, English, Science, History)
    • One from a Supervisor or Volunteer Coordinator of a community organization with which the student has been involved.
  • Guardian commitment to college, signed “guardian statement of support.”

Required Student Essay

Why is a college education important to me and how will I use it to make my community a better place?  (Maximum 500 words).

If awarded, students must meet the following criteria on an annual basis to continue receiving their annual scholarship:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Student must provide school transcript by June 30th of each year.  Transcripts submitted to PCEF office and Scholarship Office. 
  • Be a full-time student, as defined by the institution being attended by the student.
  • Regular communications with one or more members of the Governing Board of the First Generation Scholarship Fund or a mentor assigned by the Governing Board.

4 Years of funding will be provided:

  • Maximum scholarship payout will be $40,000
  • Maximum of $10,000/ year
  • Annual scholarship does not necessarily need to be paid out in consecutive years.

Application deadline is April 17, 2020. 

Applicants will be notified of decisions by April 25. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.