PCEF reserves funds for teacher and school needs that arise during the school year and are out of the regular grant cycle.  

  • The maximum amount for an Express Grant award is $1,000. 
    • Award amounts may be for the full amount requested or partial amounts.
  • Applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis as long as funds are available. 
  • Awards will be announced within 2-weeks of the application’s submission with an email notification. Funds will be available within 1-week of the award announcement.

If you require a different timeframe, please contact Kara Cody at kcody@pcschools.us or PCSD extension 1805. Funds will be available the following week. 

Applicant Eligibility Requirements and Expectations:

  • All programs must meet PCEF's mission of funding initiatives that inspire Park City School District (PCSD) students to reach their academic and lifelong potential. PCEF supports the following areas of interest: Academic Success; The Whole Child;  and Innovation.
  • Programs must align with the Park City School District Strategic Plan and cannot be in conflict with programs previously or currently funded by PCEF. 
    • Grant applicants must comply with PCSD policies, including but not limited to procurement, staffing/contracts, and technology. Applicants must complete their due diligence prior to submitting a grant application. Make sure you are familiar with Park City School District Purchasing Guidelines.
  • Proposals must be written and requested by a PCSD employee - faculty, administrators, or staff. 
    • The program idea must be the PCSD employee’s idea and not another organization’s program. PCEF cannot fund another organization’s program. 
    • The PCSD applicant must demonstrate a true need for the program. No duplication of services within a building, school, or site.
  • Applications must include a detailed budget.
  • Applications must have approval by the applicant’s supervisor (administrator, director, etc.)

Funding Restrictions

PCEF Grants do not fund:

  • Stipends for teachers for work inside their own classroom during regular school hours.
  • Reimbursement for materials/programs already purchased.
  • Work visas or the visa renewal process.
  • Speaker gifts.
  • Field trips, travel expenses of any kind (lodging, transportation, meals, etc.)
  • Uniforms, unless demonstrated to have a significant impact on the success of a program, which meets PCEF's funding guidelines.
  • Capital and furniture items generally funded by the district (unless the budget item has been formally requested and turned down by the district.)
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.